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World’s First Camera – Who took the picture?

This is world’s first camera which is in making. The first camera picture shows people trying to make it work. But the question, which is still unanswered is, who took that picture of this camera? The second camera? Lol!! The answer is given below.

World's First Camera

The camera which you’re looking at is the world’s largest camera built by George R. Lawrence. He was commissioned by the Chicago and the Alton railway to shoot world’s largest photo of one of its trains. The photo measuring 8feet by 4.5 feet. The camera weighting 900 pounds, 15 men were required to move and operate the camera. It costed whooping $5000 which was enough to buy a bungalow those days.

So the camera In the picture is not the world’s first camera but the world’s largest camera. Hope you liked the post. Share with your friends and make them aware of the fact.

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