World History Quiz Questions and Answers

World History Quiz Questions and Answers:.      Here you will find important world History Quiz Questions and Answers which will be very useful for competition exams .Lets start now. 1. Adolf Hitler belonged to which country and party. Ans: Germany and name of party was Nazi party.  2. Adolf Hitler became the Chancellor of Germany in which year? Ans: The then President of Germany Von Hinderberg appointed Adolf Hitler as Chancellor of Germany in year 1933. 3. The Great Economic depression before World war 2 started in which year? Ans: 1929  4. Which treaty after world war 1 is considered to be humiliating to Germany? Ans: The treaty of Versailles. 5. SAAR plebiscite was held in which year? Ans : 1935.  6. Chamberlain announced the famous Polish guarantee in which year? And : 1939. It was the promise done by Chamberlain to defend Poland by England if Hitler invaded Poland 7. Ribbentrop and Molotov agreement was signed in which year? Ans: 1939. This agreement was signed between Germany and Russia in 1939 and it was an Economic agreement.

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