What are Bharat 4 Norms

What are Bharat 4 norms

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Internal combustion Engines and spark ignition engines , motor vehicles are a source of air pollution all over the world. So there is need to regulate the pollutants emitted from these sources.These are regulated by Bharat Stage Emission standards which are administered and implemented by Central Pollution Control Board under Government of India.

Earlier there were European guidelines to regulated the Emission standards of vehicles. a committee known as Mashelkar committee was setup to look into the matter and suggest norms for regulation of Emmission standards, phasing out of old Euro norms and suggest any guidelines for future implementation of new norms. the Indian Government also rolled out its Auto fuel policy in year 2003.

However in India , Bharat stage 3 norms were set up in year 2010 which were based upon principles of European guidelines and these were implemented throughout the country. However Bharat Stage 4 norms were implemented in 13 major cities of India in year 2010 and these were further enforced throughout the country in year 2017. The Indian Government however planned to skip Bharat stage 5 norms and to adopt Bharat Stage 6 norms by 2020. These norms will be applicable to all four wheeler vehicles using petrol or diesel and will be  in reference to Euro 6 standards.

Pros: These norms are necessary as there is need to control vehicular pollution in India which is increasing at an alarming rate. Rising air pollution can lead to some respiratory disorders like COPD or increase in cases of Bronchial asthma which is an allergic and inflammatory disorder of lungs leading to breathlessness.

Cons: There will be increase in the cost of vehicles as there will be need for implementation of newer technology in vehicles.

But these norms are necessary as it will help to improve the health of the people which is of prime concern.

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