Terminally Ill Toddler's Flower Girl Wish Comes True At Mum And Dad's Wedding

Paige's dream has become reality.

Jacob Skarratts and Tania Miller planned to tie the knot in 2018, with their four-year-old daughter Paige over the moon to be a flower girl on the big day.

But tragically, less than two months ago, Paige was diagnosed with incurable brain cancer, dashing her dream of being a flower girl at her parent’s wedding.

Faced with the heartbreaking news, Jacob and Tania did something beautiful — they fast-tracked their wedding plans so Paige’s wish could come true.

Tania said Paige, whose cancer cannot be treated, “had such excitement about us getting married”.

“Every time we would see people she’d say ‘My mummy and daddy are getting married and I’m going to be a flower girl’,” Tania told the Gold Coast Bulletin.

“We were planning this big wedding next year that I thought would be perfect but this was beyond perfect.”

Thirty close friends and family are said to have attended the wedding at Brisbane’s Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital, which was organised by Innez Stonnell, Jacob’s sister.

“I had people phoning to say what they had done. My sister’s best friend is a cake maker. One of the mums from Paige’s kindy works for a wedding co-ordinator and organised all the decorations and music,” Innez is quoted as saying.

“We pulled the wedding together for $1000 and it was the most magical night ever.”

Since the tragic diagnosis, a GoFundMe page has been set up for the family, who have had to take time off work in order to spend time with their daughter.

“I know they are the type of people to do it on their own, but I want them to know that everyone genuinely means it when they have said they will help in anyway they can,” the page states.

So far, more than $38,000 has been raised from almost 800 individual supporters.

Ex-NRL star Clinton Toopi is contributing in a unique way, with the former sportsman cutting his hair for the first time in six years in order to raise money for Paige’s parents.

Toopi has raised more than $2000 in the past week.

Source: Huffington Post

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