Rohingya Problem of Myanmar-Latest current affairs2017

There may come a question in IAS mains on Rohingya crisis going on in Myanmar, so let’s discuss it.

Myanmar is a Buddhist majority nation. The Rakhine state in Myanmar is populated by Rohingya Muslims and hence a minority population there. These people live a miserable life there as they are the ignored people and don’t enjoy full political rights there. Recently they have faced torture from the hands of army and police there. There are instances of burning of houses of these Rohingya Muslims.As a result they are facing hardships in their lives and many have lost lives there.

So these people had no choices except to leave their places and migrate to nearly places. Lakhs of these people have crossed the border and have reached Bangladesh for their survival. They are living a miserable life in the refugee camps . The Red cross and United Nation assembly have shown concerns for their safety. Even there is risk of communicable diseases epidemics there.There is no shelter, no food and no basic life amenities there. There has been a Speech telecasted live recently by their leader Sung San Suu Ky regarding solving the problems of Rohingya Muslims and the steps taken by Myanmar government to solve the crisis and their incorporation into the mainstream.

The solution to above problem will be to incorporate these people back into the mainstream of Myanmar and providing them adequate shelter, food, security and sources of livelihood.

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