Quiz Questions and Answers – World History

Quiz Questions and Answers – World History

Here I will discuss some important Quiz questions and answers related to world history . So if you are studying or preparing about some competition exams or want to improve your knowledge about world History questions, you are at right place. so lets study now.

1. The Great Economic depression started in the world in 1929 and it was one of the major factors leading to circumstances related to second world war.

2.  The rise of Rudolf Hitler in 1933 by becoming German Chancellor and later on acquiring unlimited powers after the demise of president also lead to rise of Germany and it also lead to second world war.

3. Ribbentrop and Moltov signed a pact between Germany and Russia in 1939. Soviet Union provided food products to Germany in exchange of machinery and furnished products.however the pact lasted for only two years.

4. The World war 2 began with attacking of Germany on Poland and British declared war on Germany.

5. The operation Weserubug was launched by Germany in 1940 by their invasion on Norway and Denmark.

6. The Battle of France was fought in 1940 which was launched by Germans against France and France surrendered against Germany in this battle.

7. Following words were uttered by Winston Churchill after victory of their bombers over Germany ” Never in the field of human conflict has s much been owed by so many to so few.”

8. Operation Barbarosa was launched by Germany agaoinst soviet Union and it was a surprise for Russia as they were allies earlier. 

9. The maximum number of people who died in second world war were from soviet Union and it included a large proportions of civilians.

10. The Japanese attacked the Pearl Harbor in 1941. 

These are some important points from Quiz questions and answers related to world History anand I am hopeful that these points will be useful for you.

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