List and details of Nobel Prize 2018 winners for competition exams

Dear Friends, you may get a question on Nobel Prize 2018 winners. So you have to remembers the names of all Nobel prize winners of year 2018. Here are the winners of Nobel Prize 2018 winners.

1.Nobel Prize 2018 in Medicine or Physiology:

James Allison and Tasuko Honjo have been awarded this year Nobel prize in field of Medicine.

They have worked on Immune checkpoint theory and this research may help for treatment of cancer. This theory is based on the principle of attacking cancer cells by body immune system. Hence it is a remarkable research in field of cancer treatment.

2. Nobel Peace Prize 2018:

This prize has been jointly awarded to Denis Mukwege and Nadia Murad. Both have been given this award for their efforts to end the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war and armed conflict.

Denis Mukwege is a doctor working in Democratic Republic of Congo which is going through Civil war.

Nadia Murad belonged to Northern Iraq and she was kept as a sex slave by Islamic state. however she got herself freed and told the whole world about the sufferings of such women who are being captured by terrorist Islamic state.

3. Nobel Prize 2018 in Chemistry:

Three persons have been awarded this award.

One half to Francis H. Arnold and other half jointly to George P. smith and Sir Gregory P. Winter.

Frances H. Arnold has been given this prize for her work on “directed evolution of enzymes.”

the other two persons have been awarded this prize jointly for their work on “Phage display”, which is a process to evolve new proteins.






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