Latest Current Affairs 2017 in Hindi for Competitive Exams FOR SSC CGL and SSC MTS

These questions of Latest Current Affairs 2017  for Competitive Exams  FOR SSC CGL and SSC MTS will be useful for students preparing for many competition exams.

Ques 1:-Bonderam festival is celebrated in which Indian state?

Ans: Goa

Ques 2:- When was Hindi declared as a India’s National Language?

Ans: 14 September 1949

In 1950, Hindi in Devnagri script was adopted as official language of India

Ques 3:- Which is the lower House in India’s Parliament?

Ans:-  Lok Sabha

Lok Sabha- Lower

Rajya Sabha- Upper

Ques 4:- Which is the smallest  Continent of the World ?

Ans:-  Australia

Ordered from largest in size to smallest, they are: AsiaAfricaNorth AmericaSouth AmericaAntarcticaEurope, and Australia.

Ques 5:- Which country is world largest steel producing country?

Ans:-  China

In 2015, total world crude steel production was 1,599.5 million metric tonnes (mmt). The biggest steel producing country is currently China, which accounted for 50.3% of world steel production in 2015 ( Source-wikipedia)

Ques 6:-Ajanta’s Caves are situated in which state?

Ans:- Maharashtra

Buddhist Rock-cut monuments, 2nd century BC and 450-600 CE

Ques 7:-  Who was the first Law Minister of free India?

Ans:-  Dr. B.R. Ambedkar

Ques 8:- Which Dam is  Highest in India?

Ans:-  Bhakhra Dam

Satluj river, 226 m,1948-63)  “New Temple of Resurgent India”

Ques 9:- Famous Golf player Vijay singh is from which country?

Ans:-  Fiji

Ques 10:- Which Fish can fly in air, swim in water and walk on ground?

Ans:- Garnai Fish

Ques 11:- How much time is taken to sing National Anthem?

Ans:- 52 second

Ques 12:- By doubling the radius of a circle its area would increase by: ?

Ans:- 300%

Radius= 1m, Area= πr2=π


Area= π2*2=4π

Ques 13:- Which is the most expensive element in periodic table?

Ans:-  Uranium

Ques 14:- What is the maximum strength of Lok Sabha?

Ans:-  552

Ques 15:- Who discovered the X-rays?

Ans:-  Roentgen


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