Latest Current Affairs 2017 Best GK India Questions Part-1

Following are some of the best Latest current Affairs 2017 GK India Questions for various competition exams.

1.The most busiest airport in world ” Changi airport” is located in which country?

Ans: Singapore

2. Which country has recently allowed the entry of women into stadiums for sports events?

Ans: Saudi Arabia

3. Which country has recently inaugurated country first Cricket stadium for development of this sport in the country?

Ans: Rwanda

4. Which country will hold the next UN Global wildlife conference in year 2020?

Ans: India

5. Who is the number one batsman in One day international cricket matches?

Ans: Virat Kohli

6. The ministry of women and child development has recently released its report on woman safety based on Gender Vulnerability Index. Which is the safest state according to this report?

Ans: Goa

7. Which country has recently made a law ,according to which disrespecting the country National anthem will be a punishable offence?

Ans: China

8. Which country has won the 2017 under-17 FIFA World cup Football?

Ans: England

9. Which is the most unsafe state in India according to Gender Vulnerability index report issued by Ministry of Women and child development?

Ans: Bihar

10. Which Naval ship has been recently commissioned into Indian Navy?

Ans: INS Tarasia


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