Indian Science Congress Association-105th Meeting,Imphal,Manipur

Two British Chemists Professor J.L. Simonsen and Professor P.S.MacMahon play an important role in the establishment of Indian Science Congress Association. They thought that Science Research can be done and promoted in India on the lines of British Association for the Advancement of science. So they thought about annual meeting of research workers in India.

Indian Science Congress Association conducted its first meeting in January,1914 in the premises of Asiatic Society, Calcutta.Justice Asutosh Mekherjee, the then Vice-Chancellor of the Calcutta University was the first president of Indian Science Congress Association.The first meeting was attended by about 105 research scientists from India and abroad.

While initially, it had 105 members, its membership base has now grown to more than ten thousand.The main aims of Indian Science congress association are to 

1. To advance and promote the cause of science in India

2. To hold an annual congress at a suitable place in India

3. To publish such proceedings, journals, transactions and other publications as may be considered desirable.

4. To secure and manage funds and endowments for the promotion of Science including the rights of disposing of or selling all or any portion of the properties of the Association.

5. To do and perform any or all other acts, matters and things as are conductive to, or incidental to, or necessary for, the above objects.

The 105th session of Indian Science congress Association is being held in Imphal, Manipur from 16th-20th march,2018. the focus of this session is on  Translational science for promoting affordable sustainable innovation.Various science disciplines will be given thrust during the current session. the focus will be on Science for all, Role of Science and Technology on societal and inclusive development.

The 105th session of Indian Science Congress Association was inaugurated by Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi on 16th March,2018.The theme of the current session is “Reaching the Unreached Through Science and Technology”. The Prime Minister talked about Scientific social responsibility in his inaugural speech.


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