Haryana GK questions for SSC and competition Exams

Ques 1: In which district of Haryana is the Mohar Singh Stadium Situated ?

Ans: Faridabad

Ques 2:- Which breed of Buffaloes is famous in Haryana ?

Ans: Murrah

Ques 3:- Which district of Haryana ranks first in the production of mustard ?

Ans: Mahendragarh

Ques 4:- When was Bhiwani textile mill established at Haryana ?

Ans: 1937

Ques 5:- Which article manufactured in Haryana is exported to foreign countries ?

Ans: Liberty Shoes

Ques 6:- Who constructed the famous ‘Sarveshwar Mahadeo Temple’ at Kurukshetra ?

Ans: Baba Sarwan Nath

Ques 7:- Where is the famous and old temple of Sita Mata established at Haryana ?

Ans: Gurugram

Ques 8:- The Tomb of Ibrahim Lodi is situated at which place in Haryana?

Ans: Panipat

Ques 9:- The Renuka dam has been constructed on which river of Haryana ?

Ans: Yamuna ( Other dams constructed on this river are Kishau and Lakhwar

Ques 10:-  The ‘Banjh Mukt Pashudhan’ scheme has been launched by The Haryana Government under which programme ?

Ans: Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana

Ques 11:- What is the current approximate power generation capacity of Haryana ?

Ans: 3480 MW

Ques 12:- Which two cities of Haryana were established by Firoz Shah Tughlaq ?

Ans: Hissar and Fatehabad

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