Haryana General Knowledge Questions for HSSC and HCS Exam

Question 1: What is the total area of Haryana?

 Ans : 44,212 km2 

 Remember it , very important

Question 2: What is the rank of Haryana area wise in all states of India ?

Ans: 21st

Question 3: What is the population of Haryana according to 2011 census ?

 Ans: 2.53 Crore

 (Total- 25,353,081)

Question 4: What is the rank of Haryana population wise among all states of India?

Ans: 18th

Question 5: Which is the most populous city of Haryana ?

 Ans: Faridabad

Question 6: Haryana is divided into how many divisions for administrative purposes ?

Ans: Four (Ambala , Gurgaon, Hisar , Rohtak )

Question 7: How many districts are there in Haryana ?

 Ans: 21

Question 8: How many tehsils are there in Haryana ?

 Ans: 83

Question 9: Haryana was formed on which date?

Ans: Nov 1,1966

Question 10: Which is the state tree of Haryana?

 Ans: Peepal

Question 11: Which is the state flower of Haryana?

 Ans: Lotus

Question 12: Which is the state Bird of Haryana?

Ans: Black Francolin( Kala Teetar)

Question 13: Which is the state animal of Haryana?

 Ans: Black buck ( Indian Antelope )

Question 14: What is the latitude and longitude of Haryana?

 Ans:27°39′ to 30°35′ N  latitude and between 74°28′ and 77°36′ E


Question 15: The total geographical area of Haryana is what %age of total area of India?


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