Punjab GK – Punjab census 2011 Data

Punjab Census 2011 Important Data   Total population according to 2011 census- 2.77 Crore What is percentage of rural to total population – 62.51% What is percentage of Urban to total population- 37.49% Population density of Punjab- 550 persons/Square km What is sex ratio of Punjab – 895 What is literacy rate of Punjab- 7% […]


Thanks To Lack Of Education, Young Indian Girls Are Unaware Of Their Sexual And Reproductive Rights

The issue of reproductive health and sexual rights of adolescent boys and girls, under-age marriage, and adolescent pregnancy within and outside marriage remains a policy blind-spot in India. This is in spite of the fact that multiple surveys have highlighted the prevalence of child marriage and early pregnancy in India (Hyperlink Part 1 of the […]


Why India Ranks As One Of The Highest In The Number Of Reported Adolescent Pregnancies

“How old are you? What is your age?” I asked Babita (name changed), a young girl breastfeeding her two-month-old daughter. “What do you mean by age?”, her sunken eyes looked puzzled. Realising we don’t share the same references to time, I reword my question, “How many years ago did you start menstruating?” “Two-three years ago,” […]


Triby IO Smart Home Speaker Hub

Upgrade your entire home at once with the Triby IO Smart Home Speaker Hub. Looking like a modern sound system, this intelligent device offers much more. The Triby IO can actually connect to all of the smart devices in your home. It all begins in the morning. The device can find your perfect radio station […]


Quiet Time Privacy Lounge Chair

Find some peace and quiet with the Quiet Time Privacy Lounge Chair. Looking futuristic yet highly fashionable, this chair has one very distinct feature. Both sides feature rather enormous wings coming out at 90-degree angles. These wings extend from the seat in an upward direction to conceal your entire upper half. The Privacy Lounge is […]


Moto Z Alexa Smart Speaker Mod

Stay connected wherever you go with the Moto Z Alexa Smart Speaker Mod. Attaching to your Moto Z smartphone, this device offers incredible sound instantly. The powerful speaker spreads the audio in multiple directions to really fill your space. However, the sound functionality pales in comparison to the hidden smarts inside. The Smart Speaker is […]